Speed dating to get to know someone?

If you're driving or planning to take a cab to the speed dating event you can wear the sexiest, most impractical high heels you've got, after all, during the Speed dating it's the men that move around while you stay seated. If you're walking far or taking public transport you should think about wearing moderately comfortable shoes. Although Carey from Sex and the City might look perfectly comfortable tramping around Manhattan in 6 inch Manolo's, that's because she's a fictional character. You want to focus on your date, not how much your feet hurt. Wear sexy underwear - you'll feel like a femme fatale! If you feel sexy you'll come across that way too.Each person will be placed with his or her first date for the evening and the Speed dating clock will start. Like musical chairs, each couple will spend 10 minutes or less with each other before moving on to the next date. The first question a person ponders when speed dating is explained to him/her is, "How can ten minutes or less be long enough to get to know someone?" Well, the object isn't so much for everyone to become really acquainted with each other, but rather to sample a person to see if there is room for attraction or a full-length date. Those that become involved with Speed dating are probably from the school of thought that animal attraction or that "spark" will be there instantly or not at all. Sitting through a bad 10-minute date is much better than a lifeless evening together. After each couple have played musical dates for the evening, the speed dating organizer will stop the clock and ask each person for a list of viable candidates to date again. Don't over dress - Although you're unlikely to impress anyone in track pants and flip flops, you'll look a little ridiculous turning up in a gold sequined full-length ball gown and a tiara. The dress code is the stylish end of smart-casual- which can encompass anything from dressy jeans to a cocktail dress.